Men´s hair cut 15-25€
Beard, moustache trim 10€

Women´s hair cut, wash&blow dry 20-30€
Children´s hair cut from 10€
Cut of fringe 3€
Wash & blow dry  15-25€
Festive hairdo 25 – 50€
Hair straightening from 15€
Hair repair (Olaplex, Joico, Thalasso) al 35€
Perm, blow dry from  40€
Color or stripes, blow dry from 40€ 

In case of a very long hair, please consult about the exact price with our hair stylist.

Manicure & pedicure
Manicure 30€
(incl. nail polish and massage for hands)

Manicure with gel polish 35€'

Paraffin mask for hands 15€

Pedicure 35€
(incl. nail polish and massage for feet)

Pedicure with gel polish 40€

Feet problems
fungus etc + 5€

Face treatments
ThalaSpa face treatment with C-vitamin 50€
Lifting SPA treatment with Caviar mask 50€
Galvanic face treatment 50€
Ultrasound face treatment 50€
Modelling and clouring of eyebrows 10€
Colouring of eyelashes + eyebrows 20€

Massage Classical 60min 40€